Italian Wines by Gambero Rosso - Collenottolo 2011 has been awarded with Tre Bicchieri

"Althroug new on the scene, this winery is already a point of reference for the territory. 

Bellafonte and its owner, Peter Heilbron, have created an extremely important, and in some ways innovative operation on the variegated landscape of Sagrantino. The estate's wines show crystal-clear focus and purity, extreme finess and natural expression. 

Aged in large oak, and vinified with a light hand, they display textbook extraction, not to mention rare character for this DOC zone. Here, excellent wine country joins forces with painstaking work in the rows and natural vinificaton techiniques. 

After a subdued 2010, with graceful, nuanced tones, the 2011 is equally faithful to the vintage. 

It shows a broodier nose that its predecessor, with notes of black cherries and spice, but its charm remains unchanged thanks to all-round finesse. This outstanding wines differs from many other Sagrantinos on the palate, displaying a graceful , elegant weave, full flavuor and depth."