Spoletino 100%

Spoletino: this grape has undergone a rapid revival in the last 10 years; it is a unique white variety that has always belonged to our territory and its agriculture. Evidence of its cultivation dates to the 1st. century B.C.
Originating from Spoleto area it is capable to produce wines of great expressivity, very different from the ones obtained from the other autochthonous varieties of central Italy. The Spoletino produces very aromatic wines with a strong character as well as always having a balanced acidity and great longevity.


It is carried out using only the best grapes produced. After a few days of cold maceration on the skins, the must is transferred into large Slavonian oak barrels where fermentation starts naturally without any added yeast. The wine spontaneously undergoes malolactic fermentation and remains on its lees for 5 months before being clarified through decantation. The bottling is done without filtering to preserve wine vitality; the deposit that may happen is index of such production choice.