The Bellafonte Estate is located in the heart of the most pristine part of Umbria, just two steps away from Bevagna, near the tiny charming village of Torre del Colle which, once surpassed, reveals a most breathtaking view: hills and hillocks that alternate with woods, set among orderly vineyards and olive trees with ruffled silvery crowns.

The vineyards, are located at a height varying between 260 and 320 meters above sea level. They grow on sunny lands, tough and rocky. The typical clay of the area alternates with marly and arenaceous formations. Approximately 10 hectares (24 acres) of vines in all, with old rows and recent installations, give an idea of the project’s size, heedless of small numbers and wholeheartedly striving for the highest possible quality with special attention to natural processes.

The rest of the property, which covers 30 hectares (74 acres), includes woods, a small orchard, and 2500 olive trees of the classic local varieties: ‘frantoio’, ‘leccino’ and especially ‘moraiolo’, able to produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil.

The Estate has been conceived in order to have a complete energy balance and a very low environmental impact, with photovoltaic panels and a biomass heater which also utilises the crop residues.